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About Us

Founded in 2002, Williams Palmer is a team of experienced CFP® professionals dedicated to serving a select group of personal clients.

Our mission is to help our clients create the retirement lifestyle they have dreamed about, ensure they can maintain that lifestyle and to ultimately serve their legacy.

In order to accomplish our mission, we are big believers in planning. All our client relationships begin with a retirement financial and income plan. We don’t manage assets without a plan and don’t focus strictly on investments or financial products – these are tools. What we focus on is the individual and how our experience, combined with those products and services, can serve our client’s best interests and highest aspirations.

In order to be free of any undue influence, Williams Palmer is structured as an independent firm. We are not affiliated with any brokerage firm or insurance company. Yet, we can access the entire universe of financial tools, just like the largest firms in the business. To ensure our clients can understand and successfully implement their plans, we provide education. For over 20 years we have conducted retirement education through colleges, universities and open forum. We believe the most successful clients are the best educated. If you don’t understand – it’s our job to explain.

While we can provide the knowledge that makes for good decisions, we can also provide the courage to keep your plan on track. We represent your best interests – even when market and economic turmoil threaten your resolve.

We are your personal retirement planning team. Leverage our experience and knowledge to get the most out of the rest of your life.