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What We Do

At Williams Palmer we follow a very detailed process to learn about and analyze your individual situation. Read below to discover how we use that process to help you develop a plan for retirement and an income stream that you won’t outlive.

In Discovery, we'll find out about you, your goals and how you define retirement success.  We'll inventory those assets and liabilities and income sources that are available to fund your plan and explain how our Development process works.  Expect Discovery to last 1 hour.  
In Development, we'll use your Discovery inputs to create your customized Retirement Financial Plan and Income Strategy.  This is where the education begins - we'll explain each element of your plan and why it's appropriate for you.  We'll also explain any specific financial tools we'll use and any costs.  Expect Development to last 2 hours. 

You know who we are, what we recommend, why and how much it's going to cost.  Decision time.

After spending 3 hours together, you'll know whether you like us, our processes and the tools we'll use to implement your strategy. If it's a "go", we'll get started. Expect Deployment to last 90 minutes.


Relationship Management

In your annual review, we conduct a "soup to nuts" review of everything we're doing on your behalf.  We'll adjust your strategy based on changes in your life, the economy, markets and innovations in the financial world - to keep it fresh and relevant.  Expect Annual Reviews to last 90 minutes.

Re-optimization is the process of adjusting your portfolio models to reflect changes in market conditions. This is the technical work done in the background by Williams Palmer and takes none of your time.

Opportunistic rebalancing is the ongoing process of monitoring your account positions relative to the optimized portfolio.  When positions move beyond their tolerances, Williams Palmer executes rebalancing trade to re-align your portfolios.  Rebalancing in this way has been shown to add value by exploiting periodic changes in relative assets valuations.  We handle this for you.

Client Events.  Let's spend some time together away from the office.  Getting to know you better, sharing interests.  Perhaps golf, wine tasting or a ball game. Our way of staying in touch and showing our thanks for allowing us to serve you.